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Are PAUSE for Tea products fermented?

No, PAUSE for Tea are simply batch-brewed, cooled and then lightly carbonated.

We don’t add any sugar or starters, so there is no fermentation process involved in the making of our botanical beverages.


Can you drink PAUSE for Tea hot?

We do not recommend that you have our sparkling teas hot. They’re designed to be consumed chilled and are beautifully refreshing as such!  


However, you can purchase the loose-leafed teas from the TIMMY SMITH Website ( or in-store, to enable you to brew them hot at home too. And as a result of the popularity of our in-store blends, you can now find TIMMY TEAS at the Island Grocer, Archive Bistro at Mudbrick and Fenice on Waiheke Island 

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Is PAUSE for Tea safe for the kiddies?

Yes, all blends are sugar & sweetener free, with organic & plant-based goodness.  Hibiscus & Ginger is 100% caffeine-free, whereas our high in antioxidants Spearmint & Oolong contains about the same amount of caffeine as two small pieces of dark chocolate

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Is there any caffeine in PAUSE for Tea?

Two out of three are caffeine-free. 

There is a very small amount of caffeine naturally present in our Spearmint & Oolong blend.

It's the perfect pick me up, with less caffeine that a 1/4 cup of green tea.

What are the antioxidants in PAUSE for Tea?

The botanical ingredients that PAUSE for Tea blends are made from, naturally, contain various antioxidants. We also add Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to help with shelf stability to ensure our product stays fresher for longer.

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What is the retail price of PAUSE for Tea?

PAUSE for Tea can be purchased in 330ml cans for RRP $5.00 in the TIMMY SMITH Space in Oneroa Village, Waiheke Island and from selected cafes and stocklists in across NZ and on Waiheke Island, RRP ranging from $4.99 to $6.50.

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Is there any sugar or sweeteners in PAUSE for Tea?

Zero, zip, nada...

No, we don’t add a single grain of sugar, artificial sweetener or stevia to our botanical blends.

The subtle sweetness that you can taste is simply thanks to the natural botanical ingredients that make up our tea blends!

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Why can’t I drink the Hibiscus & Ginger blend of PAUSE for Tea if I’m pregnant?

Hibiscus has traditionally been used to support menstrual health in women and can help to encourage menstruation. This means that in larger dosages, Hibiscus has the potential to induce premature labour when consumed during pregnancy. Therefore, we advise that it should not be consumed if you are pregnant, even in the small amounts present in a can of PAUSE for Tea Hibiscus & Ginger. The safety of hibiscus for nursing mothers hasn’t been determined, and so we advise that if you are nursing, please speak to your GP before consuming PAUSE for Tea Hibiscus & Ginger.

We aim to provide calm not harm.

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Can I order from the PAUSE for Tea from the website directly?

Absolutely! PAUSE for Tea now available online.


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